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What is ORGLIST?
  ORGLIST is a discussion forum dedicated to Organic Chemistry. It was founded in 1997 and implemented as a free Internet mailing list (listserv). Anyone can subscribe to the list and only the members have the previlege to post (email) messages to the forum. Every message is immediately distributed by email through all the members. ORGLIST is in fact a virtual community of organic chemists where many interesting problems and questions have been raised and where practicing chemists have found help for their work. It has about 1000 members from all over the world and an average traffic of 1 message/day.
Which topics should be discussed in ORGLIST ?
  Suggested topics are: unexpected results or difficulties, questions that could not be answered by searching the literature, discussion of available methods for a particular goal, practical lab procedures, announcements of important events in Organic Chemistry, discussion of relevant articles recently published, stimulating general problems in Organic Chemistry.
Which topics are not acceptable in ORGLIST ?
  Spam email, topics not related to Organic Chemistry and commercial ads (unless they advertise products of real interest to organic chemists and the message is not sent to the list more than once a year). Questions that can be easily answered by a text book or by searching the web should not be posted ! Before you post a question be sure that it cannot be answered by searching available tools such as Google, emolecules, ChemSpider, AltaVista, ChemFinder, ChemExper, or the ORGLIST archive.
Are the past messages archived ?
  Yes. Every message sent to the list is archived and accessible through theArchive
Are the subscribers publicly visible ?
  No. Nobody except the list coordinator has access to the email addresses of the members.
Is it possible to receive a daily digest ?
  Yes. Any member that would like to receive a daily digest with all the ORGLIST messages posted during the day (instead of receiving every message separately) should go to the management section under and enter your email address. In the new page the option for receiving digests should be chosen.
I would like to post a message to orglist or to unsubscribe from orglist but when I try to do so, I receive a message saying 'you are not a member of that list'. However, I am a member of the list and I receive every message that is distributed through the list. What should I do ?
  This problem is usually caused by being subscribed with one email address and trying to post a message from a different one. In some cases an email account can be referenced by different names. For instance, , , or are all the same email account. If one subscribes to orglist as and then tries to post a message From: he/she will not be recognized as a member of the list and the message will be refused. Be sure that you are posting a message to orglist with the same 'From:' field that you used to subscribe. If your message is still not accepted please inform the list coordinator ().


List coordinator:

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