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From: Jaosn Smith (jason.smith1$##$
Date: Fri Nov 28 2008 - 04:12:07 EST

In my experience, I would wash with water to extract water soluble
impurities, followed by brine to extract left over water from organic
solvent, followed by drying product and organic solvent with anhydrous
MgSO4. It would certainly be odd to be using water after brine in this
instance, if this is what you meant.

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Dear all,
I have a rather strange question. I've seen in a couple of articles where
someone extracted his compound in some organic solvent and than washed the
organic phase in both brine and water.
As i understand it brine is used when the organic solvent is miscible with
water and the salting out effect of the brine inhibits the compound
dissolved in the organic phase from passing to the brine. water is used
pretty much of all other solvents.
The only idea why brine AND water will be used is to maybe get rid of any
NaCl leftover which may have passed to the organic phase.
Am i mistaken or is this double washing just a waste of time?

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