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From: Jacob Zabicky (zabicky$##$
Date: Fri Aug 08 2008 - 23:42:55 EDT

Dear Sunil,

Your problem is of universal relevance and its solution may be simple
or complex, depending on both your specifications (demands) and the
degree of reliability you want for the analyses and tests.

1. First decide which properties are of importance and list them in
descending order of priority. If you can reduce the list to one entry
only you have gained much.

2. Now look for standard methods for determination of the properties
of your choice. Although 'standard' is not obligatory, it is
desirable because your results can be checked by others according to
a clearly specified and tested method. Choose the method with the
levels of accuracy and precision that best fit your demands.
Considerations of feasibility and costs are here all-important.

3. If you decide on a DIY scheme (frequently it is more convenient to
send out the samples and pay for the service), now comes a training
period to learn the analytical and testing techniques you choose. At
a certain stage you will need samples of known values to tests your
proficiency in the method.

That is more or less what is required. Of course, we can go on and on
discussing "what happens if ...?" but please excuse me.

Good luck,


On 5 Aug 2008, at 00:37, sunil silvary wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Is there a way to know that the polymer
> synthesized in the lab is the same, batch after batch ? Can you
> please suggest a method to know that a particular polymer is same
> though it belongs to different batch. I want to know if there is a
> way to do that like most fine chemicals have "assay" on their
> labels like wise is there a method to determine polymer purity. I
> do NMR and GPC and I can know that its the same compound but I want
> to know exactly the impurities that are present in each batch.
> Please suggest a method to determine polymer purity.
> thanking you,
> Sunil

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