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From: András Paszternák (andras.paszternak$##$
Date: Sun Jul 27 2008 - 15:49:43 EDT

The International NanoScience Community (
is a website founded on November 2007. It's similar to others
community website, but this website is totally dedicated to the
worldwide NanoScience community. You can share your stuff with the
world here: photos, videos, art, thoughts, discussions, you name it,
just make sure it's related to NanoScience.

András Paszternák is the creator and editor of The International
NanoScience Community. András is a chemistry PhD student in Budapest,
Hungary. The comunity's first target group was the "nano" researcher
from Hungary. But he had already moved towards global network. The
community currently has more than 850 members, researchers, students,
industrial partners from Europe, India, USA and 50 others countries.

With the domain name, (paprika is favorite spice /
Hungary) the community is aiming into nanobio area. The community is
fully equip with various functions like chat, scientific forum, 26
thematic groups (SPM, Nanotoxicity, etc.), photos, videos, e-shop,
games and so on. Hence, it's definitely a good website for member to
discuss, share infomation and develop ideas

The International NanoScience Community

András Paszternák
creator and editor of The International NanoScience Community
English - Web:
German - Web:
E-mail: editor$##$
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