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From: hai zhang (haizhang67$##$
Date: Fri Jun 06 2008 - 10:47:06 EDT

        * Transfer hydrogenation. The starting material (1 equiv.) was dissolved into methanol with HCO2NH4 or NH2NH2 (20 equiv.). Pd-C 5% or Pd(OH)2 5% was added into the mixture. The resulting mixture was heated to 80oC with N2 inlet for several hours until TLC showed no starting material left. Work up is similar to that of  Parr shaker. Try this procedure, it might be helpful. Hai ----- Original Message ---- From: Rossana Ferrara <rossana.ferrara$##$> To: everybody$##$ Sent: Sunday, June 1, 2008 9:28:40 AM Subject: ORGLIST: Dibenzylamine Dear all, i need to debenzylate dibenzylamine. I know that i can do it with hydrogenation in MeOH but my reaction doesn't work(maybe the problem is that i have in my product other free amine that probably don't allow the normal way of reaction). I tried to do the reaction in acetic acid but i had some trouble anyway. Do you have any advise? Thanks a lot Rossana Rossana Ferrara PhD student Universitą degli studi di Milano

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