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From: Uno Mäeorg (uno$##$
Date: Thu Jan 24 2008 - 17:47:04 EST

Hi colleagues,

I had to play recently with simple chemistry: the synthesis of
methylenimine of 2,6-dimethylaniline.

To my big surprise there are only six references about preparation of
this compound.

There are two patents where are quite well described procedures: the
substituted aniline pluss, 1,3,5-trioxane in heptane. Nothing happend
by heating within several hrs. After addition of triethyl amine
methanol solution ( as it was used in other samples in this patent)
again nothing happend.

Then in Chem. Commm paper similars synthesis is mentioned where
2,6-diisopropyl aniline was used as starting material and the
reaction was performed with paraform under heating without solvent.
There is not given normal description of procedure. When we tried
this method only black tar was obtained after distillation of the
non-reacted aniline.

Have somebody any experience with this compound. I will be very happy
about your help, comments recommendations, suggestions.




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