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From: Chapman, Robert D n/a (robert.chapman$##$
Date: Wed Dec 26 2007 - 19:42:22 EST
leads to the following commercial sources:
(the last not being a direct link to the product, but searching the CAS
number retrieves it).

If those are unaffordable, skimming the hits from
shows the following free review of amino acids, which cites
The following references about its preparation are among Google hits for
the compound:

Skimming the Google hits also reveals that N-oxalylglycine is a
biochemical abbreviated "NOG," so a variant search
shows additional URLs listing the commercial product:
However, these might be just different domain names for the same vendor
(the pages and prices are similar).


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Subject: ORGLIST: synthesis of N oxalylglycine

Hi there
I am kindly asking your help-as I am a Veterinarian in USA not a
I realise this question will be easy for you-however it is very
important to me and I am praying you can help a beginner.
I need to do research with the below compound-but as it is not
commercially available-I need to synthesise it
Q. What are the exact steps to make N Oxalyl Glycine Cas 5262-39-5 ??

I see it is formed by the reaction of Glyoxylic Acid and Ammonia.
These are both liquids-but N Oxalylglycine is a colourless solid.
Do I just mix the 2 liquids together and heat them up?
Will the resuling synthesis result in pure N Oxalyl glycine?
How do I get it out of solution?
Your help will be greatly appreciated
Kind regards and Happy Holidays
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