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From: Tirosh, Shay (shay.tirosh$##$
Date: Wed Dec 05 2007 - 11:11:42 EST

Dear Chemists


I wish to have a routine way to determine the concentration of ethylene glycol in unknown water solution. The suggested technique should be limited to the following already available instruments – (FTIR, HPLC, DSC, TGA, conductometer, pH meter, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, and viscometer).

Some specific question arises:

1) Is there any cathion that form a complex with ethylene glycol which gives specific color?

2) Dose aseotrop can be separated in HPLC?







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Hi, everybody!
I´m looking for works on eugenol reactions and similar reactions. Now, I try nitration eugenol by nitric acid. But I have many difficulties are
coming up: I can´t get procedur recrystalization of nitro eugenol (product).
Could anyone help me with something? Some papers? Some journals?
Thanks in advance,



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