ORGLIST: Problem in synthesis of m-nitroacetophenone

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From: swapna nandy (swapnanandy$##$
Date: Thu Aug 30 2007 - 04:42:32 EDT

  Date: 30 aug 2007
  I am a student in medicinal chemistry from Mumbai University. My problem which i want to discuss with you is regarding the synthesis of m-nitro acetophenone by nitration of acetophenone. According to the procedure (as attached with mail) after the reaction the product precipitate as yellow flocculent solid. I tried the synthesis twice but end up getting a brownish oily mass, which after filtration gave brown colored solid. The TLC shows 3-4 spots, indicating impure product. I have taken care of all the precautions mentioned like temperature maintainance(0-5 deg), vigorous stirring etc. Please help me with suitable measures and any alternatives that can be done. Thank you.
  Swapna Nandy

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