ORGLIST: Urgent: :toluene-4-thiosulfonic acid -S-3-(-tert-butyl-dimethyl-silanyloxy)-propyl] ester

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From: Dr.Tushar (rajtush$##$
Date: Wed Aug 01 2007 - 08:35:29 EDT

Dear All,
  I need the procedure for the preparation of follwing compound. I have gone through the JMC paper which is sited everywhere for the preparation of following compound. Hwoever, the reprint has not stated the exact work out proceduce but at the end they reproetd that the reaction of p-toluene thiosulphinate with 3-chloropropanol follwed by hydroxy protection with t-butyl-dimethylsilyl. However, in actual practice the reaction is not progressing well. IF anybody has prepared the following compound earlier than or anybody ahs idea to prepare please let me know. If you require more details please let me know.
  toluene-4-thiosulfonic acid -S-3-(-tert-butyl-dimethyl-silanyloxy)-propyl] ester

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