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From: santoshg$##$
Date: Tue Jul 03 2007 - 03:14:21 EDT

dear all
i am trying to set up a cyclic voltammetry experiment to characterise some
organic electroactive compunds in non aqeuous medium. the solvent used in
most of the literature is dichloromethane which can be used to scan
atleast from +2 to -2 volts.
however in my experimental set up i face a huge problem which i am unable
to solve:
1) while running a blank solution with only the supporting electrolyte
(tetra butyl ammonium perchlorate)in it ,the whole baseline of the
voltammogram gets raised up at around -0.9V (which many people suggested
shud be due to moisture) i used dry DCM to get rid of it. however the
same artifact reappers within a few mins of my experiment which spoils the
whole measurement.

2)the baseline looks ok in a blank experiment only from +1.6 to
-1.7V.....beyond this limits the current value just surges without control

i will be very grateful for any suggestions to solve this

thanks in advance
desperately yours

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