ORGLIST: Seperation Of Silyl enol ether

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From: sudhakar wagh (sgwagh7$##$
Date: Thu May 17 2007 - 01:37:59 EDT

   Hello Everybody, I am trying to seperate silyl enol ether(SEE) of acetophenone from acetophenone using column chromatography.I have used neutral silica and silica treated with ammonia for column chromatography but i could not seperate SEE of acetophenone from acetophenone.I used basic silica (ammonia treated) to avoid SEE decomposition but i didnt found SEE on TLC.While in neutral silica column chromatography,i got SEE with Acetophenone ie no seperation. Pls help me to seperate SEE of acethphenone from acetophenone.Is there any method providing pure SEE after workup only.? If distillation at reduced preesure is possible what should be presure? (I have used NET3,TMSCl,NaI.Solvent acetonitrile and reaction at room temp for 1 hr) Thanks for your time and consideration.

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