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From: Kiran Desai (desaikiran$##$
Date: Fri Apr 27 2007 - 15:19:14 EDT

As per the Colour Index your dyes are
1.Basonyl gelb 105 Its M Formula is C21H29N3 as free base Its 41001 and name is C.I.Basic Yellow 37

2.Basonyl rot 482 Its Mol Formula is C28H31N2O3 Cl' The C.I No. is 45160 and Name is C.I. Basic Red 2

3.Azo Rubinol 3 GS. Its Mol Formula is C18H14N4O8S2Na2 The C.I No. is 17045 Name is C.I.Acid Red 37

The data for Dyes can be found in Colour Index volumes publishe by JSDC U.K.
Hope this will help you
Kiran Desai

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Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 08:13:18 +0300
From: "Tirosh, Shay" <shay.tirosh$##$>
Subject: Re: ORGLIST: Molecular mass needed
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Dear All

I am looking for the molecular mass of the following:
Basic yellow 37(Basonyl Gelb 105), Basonyl Rot 482 and Azo Rubinol 3 GS.
I wish some one can provide me with their molecular mass.

Thank you in advance


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