ORGLIST: Information on Embrace Bioclipse-workshop (EWB '07) in Uppsala Sweden May 23-25, 2007

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From: Jarl Wikberg (jarl.wikberg$##$
Date: Sat Mar 24 2007 - 00:49:28 EDT

Embrace Workshop on Bioclipse 2007 (EWB '07)





Dear Colleague,


I here send information on the Embrace
<> Bioclipse-workshop
(EWB '07) to be held in Uppsala, Sweden on May 23-25, 2007.


Bioclipse <> is an open source workbench for
chemo- and bioinformatics with rich functionality for molecules, sequences,
proteins, spectra, and scripts with an advanced plugin architecture which
facilitates integration of new functionality, such as algorithms, editors,
visualizations, Web services, and third party applications.


Bioclipse has met with enormous success with now over 4 500 downloads and

number of participants in the workshop is now rapidly filling. For those of
you who

have considered participating but not yet signed up I recommend signing up

immediately, not to loose the chance to participate in this exciting event.


Any researcher involved in the field of bioinformatics and/or
chemoinformatics and areas related thereto would benefit from learning about
Bioclipse; from a users perspective or as a developer.


The Workshop will consist of lectures and hands-on labs to demonstrate the
features of Bioclipse, the power of the plugin architecture, and how to
integrate new features into the framework.


For further information and registration see:



For the Bioclipse home-page see:


For EMBRACE information see: <>


For a recent publication on Bioclipse see:


Yours truly


Jarl Wikberg, PhD

Coordinator of the Bioinformatics Program of

the Pharmaceutical Faculty of Uppsala University








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