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From: J.Aires de Sousa (jas$##$
Date: Thu Mar 15 2007 - 07:32:10 EDT

Dear ORGLIST members

the first ORGLIST message on record is stamped '15 Mar 1997'. It is 10
years today. By Internet-era standards we've got quite a history! We
went a long way since we installed the listserver in a small
Mac at a corner of a lab, but surprisingly we are still linked by the
same simple Internet technology based on email, and I think we're still
happy with it...

To celebrate 10 years of ORGLIST we're organizing a symposium on
"Computers at the frontiers of Organic Chemistry" to be held in parallel
with the 7th Portuguese National Meeting of Organic Chemistry (16-18
July 2007, Lisbon, Portugal). Confirmed speakers include Henry Rzepa
(Imperial College, UK), Scott Boyer (AstraZeneca, Sweden) and Val Gillet
(Sheffield University, UK). ORGLIST members are invited to submit
contributions both to the symposium or to the main program of the
conference ( The symposium is sponsored
by MestreLab.

Today I'd like to thank all that contributed to ORGLIST over these
years, particularly Dr. Yuri Binev who silently (and voluntarily) works
behind the scenes to assure the smooth operation of the list and the web
site. And I'd like to congratulate our current 963 members from all over
the world for being part of this great community!

All the best,
Joao Aires de Sousa
ORGLIST coordinator


ORGLIST symposium sponsored by: ====================================================================== Mestrelab Research is a Spanish software house specialized in NMR processing and analysis software, which have developed the very widely used MestReC and are now launching a new, revolutionary NMR software, MNova. (Read more at ======================================================================

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