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From: Marilyn Vogel (mvogel$##$
Date: Mon Feb 05 2007 - 17:47:57 EST

  I have a contamination problem with polysiloxanes. These may be
coming from some silicone resin or a source of which I am not aware.
They have entered into a particularly valuable sample and I am
wondering if there is anyway to remove them. They seem to have the
TLC and GC elution characteristics exactly like that of the saturated
and unsaturated C16 - C35 straight chain and cyclic hydrocarbon
moiety. Can anyone suggest how to separate them from the hydrocarbons?

I have access to molecular sieves but am not sure what size to use.
The polysiloxanes appear to be n ~ 9 - 11 structural units long.


Marilyn Vogel, PhD
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