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From: Ken Knott (esprcorn$##$
Date: Fri Feb 02 2007 - 00:16:09 EST

Ok, easy one again for ya guys...

Again, I'm a 1st year grad student so I'm still struggling with some of the

I'm running a reaction where I'm supposed to monitor the disappearance of
the starting material (methyl methacrylate) by TLC. I'm using a reaction
scheme/protocol from another paper. But methy methacrylate appears to be
very limitedly UV active and very volatile. So I can't really see the spot
and even if I could it evaporates before it can elute. I think...

Before realizing this I tried monitoring on GC in the lab, but I didn't get
anything.. Again, likely due to the volatility of methyl methacrylate....

Is there another way I can monitor the consumption of the methyl
methacrylate? Or will I have to settle for monitoring the product possibly?
  Or just give it 24 hours and work it up crossing my fingers?

In the paper where I got the reaction, their substrates are all UV active
and non-volatile so this was not an issue for them.

This is fun stuff... but I'm stumped...



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