ORGLIST: separation by Co(II) complexes

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From: Gianluca Sbardella (gsbardella$##$
Date: Tue Jan 30 2007 - 03:03:29 EST

Dear colleagues,

As I wrote in a previous message I am trying to separate a mixture of
compounds differing from each other for having a 6-aminonaphthalen-1-ol and
a 8-aminonaphhtalene-1ol moiety, respectively.


After treating the mixture with cobalt (II) acetate I was successful in
separating a solution containing the compound with 6-aminonaphthalen-1-ol
portion from a precipitate consisting of the other compound (with the
8-aminonaphhtalene-1ol moiety) as a Co(II) complex. Unfortunately, oxidative
decomplexation with CAN did not work, as the compound itself was decomposed
(probably because of oxidation).

Do you know any alternative method for decomplexation of Co(II) complexes?

I will appreciate any suggestion.


Thank you in advance


Gianluca Sbardella


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