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From: Ken Knott (esprcorn$##$
Date: Mon Jan 29 2007 - 05:54:53 EST

My advisor would like me to prepare LDA rather than buy it due to its poor
shelf life.

I've been able to figure out this much, LDA is prepared from a reaction
between n-butyllithium and diisopropylamine at -78C under nitrogen.

Couple questions, 1) Is the best way to do this to prepare two flasks and
cannulate the diisopropylamine over into the n-butylithium?
2) I assume the byproduct butane is inconsequential as I've never seen any
mention to a work up removing it.
3) In fact I've seen no workup whatsoever. Is is ready to go once made?
4) Can you assume complete conversion when determining molarity of the
5) Anything else I should be aware of regarding storage, use, workup,

I'm a first year grad student... Getting my feet wet.



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