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From: Kiran Desai (desaikiran$##$
Date: Fri Jan 05 2007 - 06:05:06 EST


Generaly Tertiary amino oxide are made by 35-50% Hydrogen peroxide at room
temperature in alcohol or water with respective amine.The reaction is slow
you can check the reaction by phenolphthelin paper .
I made Triethylamine-N- Oxide using Triethylamine and Hydrogen peroxide in
Isopropyl alcohol at ambient temperature for 36 hrs. You can concentrate by
distilling IPA after reaction .But before that you have to eliminate
excess of peroxide say by digesting the mass with MnO2.
I used only 65-75% of N-oxide so concentration was adequate for me.
Try same for Trimethyl amine.
Kiran Desai

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> Hello Everyone,
> Can anyone give me a procedure to make trimethyl amine N-oxide from
trimethyl amine(aqueous solution).
> ?
> Thanks in advance
> pooja
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