ORGLIST: Neutralization

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From: Kamal (mailbox$##$invalid)
Date: Wed Nov 16 2005 - 08:51:06 EST

Hello Friends !

I have some work-up problem in my solvent media.

I made one Amine HCl in n-Butanol media by acidifying the Amine =
dissolved in n-Butanol with hydrochloric acid. Due to this =
acidification, the butanol remains acidic & distills also as acidic when =
I concentrate it to get the Hydrochloride salt.

Here, my problem is I can not distill this acidic n-BA in my plant as I =
have only the SS reactor which can not suffer the acidic vapor or =

I tried adding NaHCO3 to this and made around 5-6 pH, but even at this =
slight acidic stage, some hydrochloride salt breaks out to the Amine !

Can anyone pls suggest me something that how I can neutralize this =
n-Butanol+Amine HCl mixture so that my hydrochloride salt remains =
protected & solvent gets neutralized !

Pls suggest at earliest !

Thanking you in advance,


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