ORGLIST: oxidative coupling and deprotection

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From: saraswati velu (saraswativ$##$
Date: Tue Nov 08 2005 - 00:40:59 EST

Dear members,
1) I have been trying on a few oxidative coupling reactions using ferric chloride as an oxidizing agent treating with stilbene derivatives in the presence of dichloromethane. Unfortunately most of the stilbenes polymerised (based on TLC, mostly on base line) and a few faint spots which are not that polar. I will be very grateful if some one of you could help me to advise how to optimise the reaction.
2) and also pls advise me how or is that possible to selectively retain an acetate group or either one in the presence of TBS group? We know that TBAF can be used to cleave TBS group but will it cleave off the acetate group as well??
Thanks a lot,
Saras, PhD student

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