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From: Michael Engel (mkengel$##$
Date: Fri Oct 28 2005 - 05:00:31 EDT

> Colleague Eugen Leitl is right. First of all it has to be checked the
> material you are sending away. Otherwise this could be equivalent to spam=

A little bit more explanation than just telling him that his mail is
considered spam would certainly help him to avoid sending a bmp file
next time.
"open your BMP picture file with the software Paint (included in every
Windows computer) and save this file as a JPG file; JPG files are much
smaller than BMP files"

>Uno Maeorg wrote
> Anyway, if you would like to ask something about compound draw the corre=
> structure or give the correct IUPAC name.
> anish ganesh wrote:
> >Can you help me in nomenclaturing the following compound attached as bmp
> >file and guide me how to do the oxidation study of this using a standard
> >protocol?.

He asked for help with nomenclature and you recommend him to use the
correct IUPAC name. ??????????????????

Sorry, I don't know of any online service who could create a name from
a structure. But send me the file to my private address and I will
send you the name.

Michael Engel
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