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From: anish ganesh (anishganesh$##$
Date: Tue Oct 11 2005 - 12:54:08 EDT

Hi friends,
I want to discuss you and get your opinion about the aspartame analysis. We are following the procedure of British standard for the aspartame analysis and it is applicable to food samples like jam, preservatives, marmalad, yoghurt, jelly, fruits...actually we applied exactly the same procedure for doing the analysis in chewing gum and found different result every time. So, when we checked the solubility of the product in BP, it is clearly highlighted that aspartame solubility is depending on pH and temperature and sparingly soluble. Whereas the standard aspartame what we taken is highly soluble in hplc water. How can this be highly contradictory?.
So, as per BP method, we have done the perchloric acid titration for determination in the chewing gum also. But we are not getting correct result, against the additon of 3500ppm, its giving only 2200ppm. When I checked the production department for information about coating, I got the feed back that the temperature they employing is only 22 degree celsius and whole production is in air conditioned zone. and the intial conversion of aspartame to fluid is done with gum arabic. So there is no possibility of degradation to diketo piperazine.
Can any one help me to do the aspartame analysis correctly?.
Waiting for your suggestions,

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