ORGLIST: Ethyl acetate and THF moisture removal

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From: Deepak Shukla (DEEPAK.SHUKLA2$##$
Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 01:23:24 EDT

Hi everybody,
While working on safe methods for THF and Ethyl acetate moisture removal ,=
 A lot of good literature is available in Solvent recovery and safety=
 handbooks e.g.. by Smallwood and on different web sites but I am searching=
 some good literature on two subjects,

1.In case of THF either pervaporation or Caustic followed by molecular=
 sieves treatment the peroxide content is becoming an unavoidable danger.=
 We have been using peroxide inhibitors in all stages still if somebody=
 could share some reference on safety aspects of various recovery options=
 it will be highly useful.
2.In case of Ethyl acetate ,I request if someone can share some good=
 reference on its reverse solubility in water and how it varies with=
 temperature. Because while establishing this in my lab I found very=
 interesting aspects because of hydrolysis of ethyl acetate.

Warm regards

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