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From: Michael Engel (mkengel$##$
Date: Mon Aug 15 2005 - 19:56:33 EDT

It is not about the right of someone to make a new homepage (this to Ilya).
And yes, some textbooks are more than unnecessary (this also to Ilya).
Good textbooks with new ideas are very welcome.

Now we are back to websites.

Nothing against making money but please say so.

And don't sell a homepage as a homepage for promotion of organic
chemistry if the money making is what you intend to do. Against this,
I am allergical.

There are very good pages which show the mechanism of lots of organic
reactions. Your's is still far from those - even if you would have an
additional reaction. (I know everyone needs to start somewhere).

Why do you need to copy those ? Even if you reach the level of them,
it is still a copy (in my eyes).

Where is the original point of your homepage ?

Why don't you do something interesting ? E.g. read organic chemistry
patents and report about them.

That would be an interesting page.

On 8/16/05, hai zhang <haizhang67$##$> wrote:

> Do you know the mechanism of gelwald reaction? I guess you do not care.=

Being angry doesn't help in arguing - you are just way wrong.

> What is wrong with making money? I forget you are rich guy,
> do not need make money.

???????????? Strange arguing !

> After all, forget chemistry, nobody cares!

> Sorry for your sorry, I hope you really have some some constructive
> suuuuuugestion except NO.

See above - do not just copy - make something original.

And before the argument appears that I would not do something for free
- you are way wrong - search for phthalocyanines if you like (that is
just one of my projects).
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