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From: will jones (willjones46$##$
Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 03:52:43 EDT

Hi guys

I'm trying to make a DTPA-mono-NHS. I am carrying out the reaction using
DTPA/DCC/NHS at a ration of 1/0.7/1, so that only the mono active ester is

The problem I am having is that I have not found a suitable solvent to
dissolve the DTPA. I only seem to be able to dissolve it in DMSO, which
would react with the DCC....
I am aiming for a solubility of about 10mg/mL.

I have tried the following solvents: DMF, THF, Dioxane, acteone, DCM, all
being heated whilst stirring with 10mg/mL of DTPA.

Has anyone had any experience in either preparing or using DTPA?

Will the sodium salt be more soluble in polar solvents?

The solvent system should ideally be miscible with water, as I want to make
the mono-NHS, then just add to my aqueous system.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks


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