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From: agoenk top (satan_blue$##$
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 12:23:55 EDT

Hello all,
my name is Agung Nugraha. i am a student of university
of agriculture of Indonesia. my major is chemistry. i
am a 4th year student, and right now i am doing a
research about synthesis of surfactant nonionic fatty
acid and sugar. i wonder if u may help me by sending
me some of journal or article about ester sugar
and fatty acid.

my biggest problem right now is how to seperate the
FAME that not reacted, glucose pentaacetate that not
reacted, and the ester glucose pentaacetate fatty

i really hope that you can help me, because i cant
find the article or journals about it, especially free
of charge..

best regard

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