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From: Maringanti Krishna (maringanti9$##$
Date: Tue May 03 2005 - 08:08:38 EDT

Ladies and Gentlemen:
As some of you hold small and medium scale buisiness in manufacturing intermediates and fine chemicals from India, can you come forward with your product list. You might send it me exclusively without replying to everyone as others might not be interested in this.
I do contract research and many times we are looking for rare intermediates and fine chemicals that I can always outsource.
My need is of wide range that includes various types of heterocycles including purines, de-azapurines, imidazole derivatives, pyridines, heteroatoms containing sulfur atom, peptides, protected and free glycosides, fluorinated compounds, many chiral pool molecules, intermediates for API's and sometimes API's.
For instance, right now I am looking for Troglitazone (500 g), 2-nitro-4-chloroimidazole (100 g), 6-chloro-7-carbapurine etc..
I appreciate if you come forward with your product listing. You can contact me at my personal e-mail address, mkrishna$##$
Best Regards

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