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From: Md. Mizanur Rahman (mizan_sust$##$
Date: Wed Apr 13 2005 - 07:57:08 EDT

Dear members

It will be very appreciable if any body can help me to
assign the configuration of cholesteryl /
epicholesteryl [ (3-beta-iodo )/

I have prepared 3-alpha-iodo cholest-5 ene
(epicholesteryl iodide) according to reported methods
whose 1HNMR value: 4.05 (1H, H-3); 5.35 (1H, H-6) and
there is one reported 1H-NMR data for 3-alpha-iodo
cholest-5 ene is H 3.90 (m, 1H, H-3); 5.2 (m,1H,H-6)
and for 3-beta-iodo cholest-5 ene:H 3.80 (1H,H-3);
reference: (Tetrahedron,32, 1976 ,2281-).

Then I collected an authentic sample of Cholesteryl
iodide (3-beta-iodo cholest-5 ene ??),from MP
Biomedicals,Inc, Germany and its 1H-NMR data is same
as I prepared 3-alpha-iodo cholest-5 ene
(epicholesteryl iodide)according to reported methods.

In this context could any one please suggest which
configuration will be appropriate for my prepared
compound or one may suggest other way to assign
configuration of this compound.

Thanks in advance/

Md. Mizanur Rahman

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