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From: Dr. Tushar Mehta (rajtush$##$
Date: Mon Mar 28 2005 - 12:54:33 EST

Dear All

 I have one Query about HPLC results

  I have a compound which i got analysed out side give
results as follows
  Impurity RT area %
   1 3.56 0.237
   2 5.07 0.535
   3 15.09 0.890
   4 23.00 97.6
 and other small impurities peak
 I m Doing purification as follows
    1. Ethyl acetate + Metanol
    2. Methanol ( carbon treat ment)
    3. Methanol slurry
    4. Methanol Slurry

 After these four purification one by one still i m
getting impurity at RT 3.56 around 0.20 by area % and
purity incerase to 99.67 % at RT 23.00

 Now My question is is this HPLC results is look
  Why the impurity at 3.56 is not getting removed even
after 4 purification in polar system
  while the impuritie at other RT getting less to
almost less than 0.05(less polar compare to impurity
at 3.56

  I welcome all comment
 if u need aditional info i will provide u to analyse


  Dr.Tushar Mehta
R & d

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