ORGLIST: acylations of polyols with acyloyl chloride

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From: cardman (cardman400$##$
Date: Thu Mar 03 2005 - 19:22:37 EST

I want to react a polyol with acryloyl chloride. I'm
afraid of running the reaction neat b/c of
polymerization. The polyol won't dissolve in any
aprotic solvents except for pyridine, DMF or DMSO.
Pyridine seems like it will just give me a mess. DMSO
will be very difficult to remove. Can I run this
reaction in DMF? I found only a single example on the
web. Don't acid chlorides react with DMF to form a
different acylating agent?

I've also seen an example of an esterification using
an acid chloride run in aqueous bicarbonate. I have
always wondered why this works. Why doesn't the acid
chloride just hydrolyze?



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