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From: Ilya Avrutov (iavrutov$##$
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 10:26:32 EST

Hi Hasan,


I know three reactions named Pechmann reaction. One of them is
preparation of diazoalkanes, the second one is cycloaddition of
diazocompounds to acetylenes and the third one is condensation of
phenols with beta-ketoesters. Which of them do you need to perform?






Ilya Avrutov, PhD

Process Development Team Leader

Dalton Pharma Services

Toronto, Canada


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hi every body, i am student in bandung institute of tech.

now i have a task about sintesis some coumpound about peachmann

i cant find , how its mecanism,


could anyone help me, how can i learn about that reaction...


thank you to all..




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