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From: Lalor, Fergus (f.lalor$##$
Date: Wed Feb 02 2005 - 16:18:58 EST

I am wondering if anyone on the list owns (or, more probably, has library
access to) the three volume set of 'Comprehensive Carbanion Chemistry'
published by Elsevier in 1980, 1884 and 1987? If so, I would be most
grateful if they could find out for me which of the three volumes contains
information on the oxidation of carbanions and/or the reactions of
carbanions with molecular oxygen? The series has been long out of print, is
no longer mentioned on the Elsevier web site and I need this information in
order that our library can obtain the appropriate volume for me via
inter-library loans. ILL is expensive for us where books (rather than
electronic copies of articles) is concerned and I am reluctant to have to
order all three volumes when I need but the one.

I will be most grateful for any assistance.
Sincerely -
Fergus Lalor

Dr. Fergus John Lalor
Senior Lecturer
Department of Chemistry
University College
Telephone: 00353-21-4902317
Fax: 00353-21-4274097
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