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From: Maneesh Yadav (yadavm$##$
Date: Thu Jan 20 2005 - 14:52:01 EST

Dear all,
I was grateful for all the responses I recieved from my email a little =
over month ago:

With Rob Scoffin's advice, I took the EPA's HPV list and convereted it =
into a list of SMILES strings with their CambridgeSoft's wonderful =
Name=Struct facility. The current list of "cheap" pure compounds is =
about 1600 members. The EPA list, while very large, is still obviously =
not complete.

There is still a little filtering to do, but I would invite anyone to =
contribute to the list here:

The current list is posted, and you can fill in your email address and I =
will happily notify you as the list undergoes significant updates. I =
hope this is of some interest to all.

Don't worry about duplicates etc. the final list will be filtered based =
on solid criteria that reflects a notion of sound notion of "cheapness".
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