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From: Kent Kirkland (kentkcpc$##$
Date: Fri Jan 14 2005 - 10:02:00 EST

RESEARCH ASSOCIATES (3)-Medicinal Chemistry- New Haven County, CT.

This Biotech corridor startup has several years of funding partnering with a
big pharma house in small molecule therapeutics, as well as two drugs in the
pipeline. This is a pleasant R & D environment complete with renovated labs
and new instruments. The boss is knowledgeable, friendly, and his goals are
realistic. You will be doing organic synthesis using traditional medicinal
methods. Good benefits include choice of HMOs, stock options, 401 (k) plan,
dental plan, relo. assistance, tuition aid, and more. Requires a BS or MS
in Organic or Medicinal Chemistry, and two or more years experience doing
drug discovery using organic synthesis and HPLC. Salary ranges from $50,000
to $70,000, depending on level of experience. In addition, there is a 5-10%
annual bonus. We will present people with higher salary requirements, if
they bring heavy experience in medicinal organic synthesis. No PhDs on
these, please. Requires permanent U.S. residency. Contact Kent Kirkland,
C.P.C., at KirklandSEARCH, (203) 925-1500 kirkland$##$ for more

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