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From: Omar Khan (drkhan_99$##$
Date: Wed Oct 22 2003 - 11:44:22 EDT

Dear All

I am trying to synthesize ketones from
4-halyl-quinolines by in situ production of 4-Li
derivatives (with butyl lithium) then reacting with
ester or nitrile in ether at -75oC then treating with
water to hydrolyse the addition product. Each time I
am failing. Would anybody give me any suggestion where
I can take necessary measures or an alternative method
if any. I am using the ether dried with Na and tested
with benzophenone to be dry which is collected in the
molecular seives thus it is supposed to be really dry.
The esters and nitriles are prepared and distilled and
all the reagents are completely dry as all reagents
and vessels have been oven dried and then left under
vacuum dessicator o/n before the reaction started.

Thanks for your kind help in this misterious chemical

Md Omar Faruk Khan
Postdoctoral research associate
University of Misissippi

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