ORGLIST:Recommendation sought for laboratory text on Organic Qualitative Analysis

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From: Lalor, Fergus (f.lalor$##$
Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 09:45:15 EDT

When I was an undegraduate organic chemistry student some 40 years ago
qualitative organic analysis
via various tests - coupled with confirmation via derivative formation - was
an important part of our training.
Nowadays such skills have been pushed into the background by various forms
of spectroscopic characterisation
but we believe that they still have their place in the arsenal of the
practicing synthetic chemist. We have been
        searching for a good laboratory text either devoted to or at least
containing a significant section on this
        subject - particularly on derivative formation - and would greatly
appreciate any recommendations.
        Regards -
Fergus Lalor

Dr. Fergus John Lalor
Senior Lecturer
Department of Chemistry
University College
Telephone: 00353-21-4902317
Fax: 00353-21-4274097
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