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From: Hoyer (hoyer$##$
Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 12:50:31 EDT

Thanks for your reply, Jacob.

There is a rule of thumb stating that the boiling ponit of a liquid drops 20
degrees when you halve the pressure. Of course it depends on the liquid, but
as a rule of thumb, it works. A similar, even more crude, rule of thumb
might exist for reaction rates and temp.

I appreciate the examples you give of higher temperatures in a small domain
of a mixture. I am more suspicious about the explanation of the
microwave-effect (the mere existence of which is under debate), given in a
book on microwaves in organic synthesis. The author invokes the concept of
an instantaneous temperature much higher than the bulk temperature
originating in the local event of absorption of a quantum of microwave
energy. Working through a realistic example, the author uses an activation
energy of 50 kcal/mol - but is that within bounds?


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