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From: Jim Currie (sales$##$
Date: Mon May 19 2003 - 08:19:05 EDT

SweetsLooking to produce Ascorbyl monophosphate but concerned about
producing in the process triphosphates even in trace amounts.
Produced by staring with ascorbic acid and phosphorylating to produce
phospates of ascorbic acid...mostly ascorbyl 2 monophosphate.......

I get di and triphosphates produced too in small quantities and would like
to know if any way to avoid triphosphates being produced.

Is this possible????? Major producer Roche is upset about triphosphates.
Personally I would always think you would get some ployphospahtes [produced
irrespective of methods used..

Jim Currie
Nu-Scaan Nutraceuticals Ltd
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Cheshire SK11 7HG
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fax +44 )01625) 612107
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