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From: Jeanne Drahos (jmd$##$
Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 10:11:51 EDT

September 10, 2002

Dear Colleague:

Based on your involvement in catalyst related professional organizations I
am hoping you might be willing to assist me in sharing some information with
your peers about two upcoming conferences in the US sponsored by The
Catalyst Group Resources and addressing catalytic technologies.

The first conference which I am referring to is entitled
ChiraSource2002-North America (November 4 - 6, 2002). This venue is designed
to highlight the use of chiral technologies to speed synthesis and improve
speed to market. This conference highlights a Special Feature in
"Biopharmaceuticals Developments." The Industrial Challenges Session will
be anchored by Dr. Walter Brieden of LonzaGroup as the Keynote Speaker. The
State of the Art Session will be presented by leading pharmaceutical
companies and fine chemical producers. A special highlight will be Merck &
Company's presentation on "Supercritical Chromatagraphic Separations." The
conference will also feature a New Methods to Speed Development Session.

The other conference is CombiCat2002-North America. It is scheduled for
November 7 - 8 in Philadelphia, and will highlight the leading industrial
companies involved in developing and offering technologies, equipment,
instrumentation and software/informatics for combi/HTS in catalysis. It
features a "Keynote Address" by Torial LLC, the spin out from the joint
development efforts between UOP and SINTEF, whose Managing Director (Robert
Rachford) will discuss the challenges of transforming technology into
business and two "Special Feature" presentations in rapidly changing and
increasingly important areas: intellectual property and licensing (by Symyx’
Irving Rappaport) and "real world" industrial catalyst applications (by
Avantium’s Ian Maxwell). Other sessions will address
Informatics/Experimental Design., Materials Discovery and Optimization, and
Techniques/Methods Developments.

I present below the hyperlinks to the Registration Brochures for each of the
conferences. Would you be willing to forward this email including the
hyperlinks to your colleagues (i.e., those in your professional
associations and societies)? If you prefer, we could forward them from here
at TCGR, if you would be willing to provide their contact information
(e-mail addresses).

Please let me know your thoughts; I would really appreciate your assistance
in this effort. I look forward to our speaking soon.

Best Regards,

John J. Murphy
Vice President
The Catalyst Group Resources
jjm$##$ <mailto:jjm$##$>
(T) 215.628.4447
(F) 215.628.2267
(W) <>

Please click here to download the CombiCat2002 North America Registration

Please click here for the ChiraSource2002 North America Registration

Questions? Please contact us:
The Catalyst Group Resources' Conference Department
Phone: 215-628-4447; Fax: 215-628-2267; E-mail: cnf$##$

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