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From: Adrian Blackman (Adrian.Blackman$##$
Date: Tue Jul 23 2002 - 19:06:06 EDT

Do you teach spectroscopy and qualitative analysis? If so then you
might be interested in the Windows program WinTorg.

WinTorg simulates the process of identifying unknown organic
compounds. It is suitable for use by early university or college level
students. Spectroscopy is emphasised. There are 100 compounds
each having pmr, cmr, ir, ms spectra and uv data together with
other information. The unknowns can be identified by spectroscopy
alone or in combination with chemical tests.

WinTorg is easy to use, has extensive help available and can be
customised. Student progress is recorded.

A free demonstration/shareware version (having only 3 compounds)
is available. For more details see

Adrian Blackman (author)
School of Chemistry, University of Tasmania

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