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From: Paul Thind (cma$##$
Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 14:03:41 EDT

Dear Sir,

Perhaps you should consider publishing in ARKIVOC, your free online journal
of organic chemistry. Please visit . The beauty about
the internet medium is that faults can be corrected at anytime and missing
references can be added. The review process does not have to end with the
one or two traditional referees, who are often busy and sometimes careless,
in reviewing manuscripts and giving timely feedback. In fact, readers can be
encouraged to comment on mistakes, which can either be simply corrected (if
these are minor and obvious) or sent back to the authors for their comments.
The medium allows for real interaction between the publishing authors and
the readers as we provide online e-mail address of each corresponding

The internet allows for rapid publication and thus satisfies the wishes of
authors who want to create a record.

Arkat, Zurich is interested in publishing educational content for students
and teachers. However, to date we have found that scientists are far less
willing to provide content than one might imagine. The established
scientists have relationships with their publishers, and the young ones are
probably too timid.

The Arkat Foundation, Zurich does not have influence of any interest group.


Arkat Foundation

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You touch on a sore point. Over the years I have written several letters to
journal editors to correct faults in published papers - faults that have
escaped the authors, the reviewers and the editor. If I had time, I could
written quite a few more similar letters. One of the things which also
me is that authors have missed important references in the field, even from
recent volumes in the same journal.

It appears to me that there is too much pressure to publish quickly, not
competent people to review manuscripts, and perhaps editors who are held to
unrealistic deadlines by their publishers. Thus, careful review of all the
evidence presented is not done in many cases.

I would suggest that if you are irritated by papers which do not correctly
interpret the data presented, then write a letter to the editor of the
which published the paper, and requesting that your letter be published. Set
out your arguments accurately and dispassionately. If the editor is doing
his/her job, then your letter should be forwarded first to the original
for any possible comment or rebuttal. After a short interval, the editor
then simultaneously publish your letter and the rebuttal, if there is any.
far, none of the letters that I have written have received any rebuttal. You
should only write such letters for which there is concrete evidence in the
original paper that supports your position.


Ivo Ivanov wrote:

> Dear Orglist Members,
> Recently, I have read several articles, even in good journals (e.g. Tetr.
> Lett.), that were totally wrong and/or contained many chemical faults. For
> instance, I have read two papers in 'Il Farmaco' and 'Eur. J. Med. Chem.',
> respectively, which tried to convince me that hymecromone (Mendiaxon)
> build metal copmplexes with the ions of La, Ce, Zn, Fe, etc. But actually,
> the authors isolated merely the starting material, i.e. hymecromone itself
> mixed with some metal hydroxide. Proofs for that are given in the spectral
> sections of the same papers but the authors didn't notice them. Of
> publications like this become useless or misleading.
> Hence my question:
> Are there good chemical journals where papers are accepted which criticize
> such kind of papers -- containing obvious nonsense and/or absence of
> chemical common sense.
> I would greatly appreciate any suggestion.
> Best regards,
> Ivo Ivanov

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