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From: Ivo Ivanov (i.ivanov$##$
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 09:51:34 EDT

Dear Orglist Members,

Recently, I have read several articles, even in good journals (e.g. Tetr.
Lett.), that were totally wrong and/or contained many chemical faults. For
instance, I have read two papers in 'Il Farmaco' and 'Eur. J. Med. Chem.',
respectively, which tried to convince me that hymecromone (Mendiaxon) could
build metal copmplexes with the ions of La, Ce, Zn, Fe, etc. But actually,
the authors isolated merely the starting material, i.e. hymecromone itself
mixed with some metal hydroxide. Proofs for that are given in the spectral
sections of the same papers but the authors didn't notice them. Of course,
publications like this become useless or misleading.

Hence my question:

Are there good chemical journals where papers are accepted which criticize
such kind of papers -- containing obvious nonsense and/or absence of
chemical common sense.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestion.

Best regards,
Ivo Ivanov


   Dr. Ivo C. Ivanov
   Department of Organic Chemistry
   Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University of Sofia


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