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Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 07:44:05 EST

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Subject: ORGLIST: Phase-transfer catalyst query

| Greetings. Has anyone utilized the following PTC in conjunction with
| toluene?
| Myristyltrimethylammonium bromide (CAS [1119-97-7])
| I am a really time with trying to extract my product (in toluene), while
| trying to effectively separate this PTC in water.
| Tried filtering (2 micron) but no use.
| Any references, ideas, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
| Cheers!
| --
| George D. 'Merlin' McCallion

I wild guess.
Percipitate the bromide with silver(I)phosphate or some other silver salt
with multiple charged anion. The ammonium phosphate formed should be less
soluble in organics than the ammonium bromide.


Use continous extraction apparatus to extract away the ammonium bromide.


Filter through silica.

Jonas Nilsson
IFM Kemi
Linköpings Universitet


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