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From: Mitsuhiko FUJIWHARA (pxk12345$##$
Date: Fri Dec 18 1998 - 03:29:57 EST

Hi, All.

I'm now wondering what would happen to bio-transformations in
Organic Chemistry in the future.

It has long been regarded as a volume requiring and concentration
dependent. From that point, not so many processes have appeared to
the industrial scale.

Recently, my colleague claimed that the recent development of bio-
technology should enable the bio-transformations to play important
roll in the industrial process.
He also added that the trend is now "nature identical", so the bio-
transformations should be predominant, even if they are much more
expensive than the conventional chemical processes.
(C&E news also reported like this recently.)

I agree that some processes are now actually in place in the
industry (ex. lipase hydrolysis; oxidation). But most of the present
 bio-processes are based on the fermentation, not genuine
I doubt the opinion that the bio-transformation will be the
substitute to the genuine chemical reactions in future.

How do you think?

Any information regarding this topic (like news source) will also be

Thanks in advance.

Mitsuhiko FUJIWHARA, Ph.D.
(Thesis title: Total Synth employing bio-transformation.)
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