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Date: Tue Dec 08 1998 - 14:41:15 EST

recently, Bob Gawley <rgawley$##$> wrote:
>How does one convince a librarian to purchase a new title when they are, at
the same time, looking for titles to drop?

For a research oriented university, I guess they need to focus
thier areas of coverage more tightly. Perhaps they could give
up Polymers journals and chromatography journals if no one
on the faculty specializes in those areas.

The substitution of inexpensive journals for expensive ones
is a quite valid strategy at institutions that focus on teaching
undergraduates and master's degrees, though. The ACS requires a certain
number of referred journals to accredit bachelor's degrees, but doesn't
specify the journals (although they naturally expect that the
ACS journals will be represented.) We dropped some incredibly expensive
biochemistry-related journals and found substitutes that were
less expensive and more closely related to faculty research interests.

This is all short term stuff. Possible economies are so obvious in
the publishing industry, that competitive pressures will soon
force even the most traditional (or profit-minded) publishers to
provide reasonable cost publishers. If institutions gave chemistry
departments control over the portion of the library budget going
to chemistry books and journals, things would change a lot faster.

Gerald Morine
Bemidji State University

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