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From: Jacob Zabicky (zabicky$##$
Date: Mon Nov 30 1998 - 01:07:56 EST

>Dear colleagues,
>I'm looking for IR spectral data (or pictures) of acetylenic compounds.
>Could somebody tell me some free internet or other sources.
>Uno Maeorg
>Uno Maeorg ! Internet : uno$##$
>University of Tartu, Institute of Organic Chemistry! voice : +(3727)465243
>2 Jakobi St, Tartu EE2400, Estonia via Stockholm ! fax : +(3727)465264

Probably all the interesting web files in your case are subscription files.
A good bet is looking for compounds of interest in the the Aldrich catalog
of chemicals, where you frequently can find references to the Aldrich
library of FT-IR Spectra. Other less popular sources today are the Sadtler
collection of spectra and similar ones that can possibly be found in
libraries of long-established organic chemistry institutes.

All the best,

Jacob Zabicky

Prof. Jacob Zabicky Tel. 972-7-6461271/6461062/6472754
Institutes for Applied Research Fax. 972-7-6472969
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