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From: Shu-Kun Lin (LIN$##$
Date: Mon Nov 30 1998 - 06:47:15 EST

Dear colleagues:

Thanks for the concern regarding my trouble from Springer.
In answering many requests, I would like to put the
open letter to Springer's "Molecules Online" editor
here, where I have presented some simple facts.
I already contacted with Springer's "Molecules Online" editor
before. But he never gave me a reply. I am very busy and do
not really have time to bother anyone or to
prepare such long letter to anybody.
Thanks again. Shu-Kun Lin

Open letter to the editor of Springer's "Molecules Online"

Dear Dr. Stephen Hanessian:

In order to protect the basic freedom of press and
information exchange of so many of our fellow scientists
who are the authors, the subscribers, and the supporters of
our journal Molecules (vol.3, 1998, from further damage by
Springer Verlag, on a very basic ethical ground and in light
of the following reason, please consider whether you resign
from the editor-in-chief position of Springer's "Molecules

MDPI's Molecules and Springer's "Molecules Online"
could have been published separately as two independent
journals. However, Springer created the problem by
insisting that "Molecules Online" is not a separate journal,
and started this year to launch it as a "continuation" of our
journal Molecules. Springer claimed in a hegemonic manner
that MDPI's Molecules is not allowed to publish and only
its journal can publish.

The fact is that Molecules is not Springer's trademark of
publication. (History will witness that Springer will finally
loss this case generated by itself because it violated the
basic human rights of free press.) Please also be reminded
another simple fact that the founding editor (Dr. Shu-Kun
Lin) of Molecules is still alive, active and has been
continuously and successfully editing this journal and has
never invited anybody to replace him.

It has been demonstrated that I have credit to run
Molecules, even though I never pretended to have any great
achievement in organic synthesis (I only imagined a little bit
to have chance to win a Nobel prize, I mean Nobel Peace
Prize, due to my novel theoretical work on diversity
assessment, my practical work on diversity preservation of
both substance sample and information, and my strong
advocacy on press freedom). Molecules is started as the
first journal to support the preservation of molecular
diversity by samples deposit. It has been treated as MDPI's
official journal since 1995 as you may find from MDPI paid
advertisement published in scientific journals in 1995,
including several issues of "Synthesis" in 1995. We also
used MDPI fund to pay all the editorial work, including
paying a guest editor. Springer never paid me a penny
during the whole year of 1996. Springer only provided
publication service for the journal edited by me and for
vol.1 publication only, before Springer unilaterally and
suddenly terminated the contract of publication service at
the end of 1996.

Because of the ruthless harassment from Springer, we
cannot make our papers published by MDPI in 1997 and
1998 available to the public for months and cannot publish
any of the recently accepted manuscripts.

During recent six months, Springer even insisted on
deleting all of our papers published already in Molecules
vol.2, 1997 and vol.3, 1998. Published papers are very
much like born babies. Can you put them back into their
mother's body? From this case, as you might have also
realized, Springer's present executive in this division of
publication has no respect on our scientists' basic rights.

Like many of your colleagues in Basel, Switzerland, I have
attended your lectures and I like them very much. You are a
good scientist. You should have no difficulty to launch
your own new journal successfully.

To our scientists in organic chemistry, Springer might be a
great company because it was the publisher of Beilstein
database (This database is definitely no longer published by
Springer now). However, it is not so great as to risk one's
reputation and to let Springer continue to use your name
and to put you on a position only to try to destroy your
fellow scientists' established journal Molecules. The case of
Molecules already caused public anger against Springer.

My colleagues and I will greatly appreciate it if you support
our Molecules instead of collaborating with Springer to
destroy it. We want to go on with our unique publication
policy of Molecules and continue our great efforts to
preserve and exchange chemical samples and experimental

With best regards,

Dr. Shu-Kun Lin

Editor-in-Chief, Molecules (ISSN 1420 3049)
Basel, 30 November 1998, via e-mail

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