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From: Shu-Kun Lin (LIN$##$
Date: Thu Nov 26 1998 - 03:31:19 EST

My dear colleagues:

During recent months of suffering from Springer Verlag's lawsuit
regarding the journal MOLECULES (,
I thought a lot and concluded that the internet publication and
electronic conference really give all of our scientists
unprecedented freedom of press and we all should love it: Now
the technical part of publication is extremely easy and cheap. Every
scientist can be a publisher himself. I tell you frankly we
published 20 issues of MOLECULES (Vol.2, vol. 3) by ourselves
with very easy-to-use software. Before that, publication must be
done by a publishing company. Now it is not necessary at all.

The only remaining part of publication is peer review
of the manuscripts, which has been done exclusively by
scientists themselves anyway. My MOLECULES vol.2 and 3 were
published not by any publishing company. However, I received
more supports and I have more manuscripts than I can
publish. The quality (layout, etc.) is very good. This is recognized
by the fact that all the major abstracting and indexing services
covered my two volumes. Therefore, I believe in near future publishing
companies will be vanishing. Long live the Internet!! If they want to
survive, the only chance might be to become humble database manager,
because Internet makes everything related to information nothing but database.

>From my very unfortunate experience with Springer Verlag, I
would like to tell all of those dear colleagues who plan to launch
a new journal, particularly an internet one, think at least
twice before collaborating with a "famous" professional publisher,
it might be predatory one! I also want to use this chance to protest
openly against Springer Verlag. I am not used to this kind of thing
but I will fight against this injustice. However, I believe the principles
in the world still exist and the basic human rights of free press
will be protected.

I thank many colleagues who encouraged me. Please rebroadcast this

Shu-Kun Lin


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